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North East Wiper System

Providing Safety and Convenience

This simple and effective system is composed of a wiper and wiper support frame that attaches to the side mirror or other apparatus of large trucks and heavy equipment vehicles. The wiper system is run off of the vehicle's air system via a two-way air cylinder. Horizontal wiping action across the face of the mirror is controlled by a button located in the cab of the vehicle. There are several variations of the wiper system to accommodate different mirror mount designs and vehicle types.

Although originally designed for commercial truck side mirrors, our product line has been expanded for use on tail lights and safety signage for a wide range of vehicle types - from snow plows to school buses.


:: Attaches to existing mirror mounts and other apparatus. Does not require replacing mirrors.

:: Uses existing air system. Does not use hydraulics, electrical, mechanical, or motorized parts that can be problematic in freezing conditions, get clogged, or produce hazardous waste.

:: Will not freeze or clog - air cylinders are equipped with easily affixed and inexpensive warming tube.

:: Metering exhaust valve allows adjustment of wiper speed without compromising power.

:: Simple, effective, and inexpensive.


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